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Saint Lucie Webs:

Located in Port Saint Lucie, Saint Lucie Webs is dedicated to providing businesses and organizations in Martin, Saint Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Osceola and Brevard counties with top knotch website design and website development. As a freelance web designer (and web developer), I have a passion for the internet, it's possibilities, and pursuit of perfection. These are just two of the qualities you get when you select Saint Lucie Webs to assist you with all of your website design and website development needs.

Are you are looking to create a new website for your business? Perhaps you are looking to overhaul your current site to make it more efficient or useful to both you and your clients, or maybe you are happy with your website, but are looking for better ways to market it and promote it to increase it's effectiveness in creating sales for your business. Regardless of your web site needs, Saint Lucie Webs can help you meet and exceed your internet based goals.

Learn the Web:

Not only are am I passionate about the work I do, but I am also passionate about the internet and the possibilities that a website can unleash for a business or organization. Browse the "Resource" tab, and find information, some written by me, some quoted from other sources, but I can guarantee that there is information there that will help you understand more the processes of web design and web development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), E-Commerce, marketing websites, a glossary of terms, and links to other helpful resources.

Not only is there a wealth of material available, but you can also read my blog where you can search archived articles written to help you learn more about web design and development, and other aspects of creating and maintaining a website that you may not be aware of. I typically write articles as I come across situations during my work, but if you have a question, e-mail me your question, and I'll either respond to your question directly, or answer your question on my blog.

Times Are A Changin':

The winds of change have been increasing steadily for the past ten years. Similarly to a hurricane, the beginning of the new millenum provided us with the tropical wave of change, and the upcoming decade will have us at about a category 4. What do I mean? Well, consider this: How many times have you flipped past an advertisement page in a newspaper or an magazine? How many times in the past year have you picked up a Phone Directory to find a particular product or service? How many times have you changed channels, or used DVR to bypass or eliminate commercials completely? I'm willing to bet that traditional advertising has far less effectiveness on everyone else now as well. I'll make the bet because the statistics are there to back it up.

Can you afford to miss out on the pearl that the oyster of the Internet has to offer? I think not; with competition getting tougher and tougher, and with potential customers valuing their dollar more and more, the need to use these new, creative, and exciting avenues to promote your business is not only a recommnedation, but a necessity. Give me a call at (772)-812-7742 and let's discuss what Saint Lucie Webs can do for you.